Saturday, August 4, 2012

Blunder committed by India TV

At the cost of spreading this news over the web I would like to draw your attention to this hoax created by the news channel head Rajat Sharma that made me turn into different shades of blue with anger.  According to this clipping of news that featured on the national daily newspaper Times Of India on 20th July 2012, Rajat Sharma reported the issue of him being tortured by the Devotees of "a self proclaimed
Godman Kumar Swamihe was talking about His Holiness Brahmrishi Kumar Swami Ji , soon after the broadcast of that 2 day cheap gimmick of India TV. According to him, he received threatening calls and messages from unknown numbers. Now let me tell you one thing that can make his channel get wrapped up for ever or maybe sued. It is the greatness of His Holiness that this news channel was spared even after the blunder that they committed.

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On 29th June I was going through India TV's website to monitor the extent to which they go to defame Kumar Swami, when I saw this shameless act of the channel's "JOURNALISTIC ETHICS". They displayed the personal number of SadgurudevJi on their "WEBSITE". Just imagine the amount of discomfort that was caused to him and his family. People must have started messaging and calling him. This website is visited by so many people, what kind of "Journalistic ethics and Broadcasting mannerisms" are these? This channel crossed the boundaries of profaneness. Their website is monitored and edited in such a way that if someone comments on their articles, they are published only when the editors approve them. So, I couldn't comment on that blog but had to email them to stop this nonsense.  As a devotee I thought it was my utmost duty to do so.

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